Trying To Keep My Balance

Walking with the Lord can be like a gymnast on a balance beam

With each movement you make

You must retain perfect balance

Only, with the Lord, you’re not looking to score a perfect ten

His goal for you is to stay balanced

And not worry about the complexity of the routine


Walking with the Lord can be like a high wire act

Just one misstep and you fall

To cross from one point to the next, requires sharp focus

The Lord asks that you set your eyes on him

He will guide each step

And he will help you to stay straight, should you begin to wobble


Walking with the Lord can be like riding a unicycle

Imagine, you on one wheel moving back and forth

You steadily try to go in one direction

Sometimes, you end up twirling in a circle

Not having the confidence that you can conquer this difficult ride

The Lord said, “If you trust in me, you will not fail”

In him, you will do more than conquer

And with the Lord, you will overcome the greatest of difficulties


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