Cat Photo Series #7: Thomasina (When Mama Calls)

Thomasina calls Cotton inside

photo courtesy of Rebecca Scarberry  @Scarberryfields

meow, meow

that familiar sound

mama’s calling

playtime is over

time to get home

can’t hesitate

can’t be late

mama might come looking

then it’s too late

meow, meow

the sound of love

mama’s love

6 thoughts on “Cat Photo Series #7: Thomasina (When Mama Calls)”

  1. Such a cute poem, Sylvester. Thomasina is such a good mother. She taught her 3 litters of kittens to be aware of wasps, snakes, snapping turtles, and everything else that can hurt them here on my farm. When I ended up with 13 cats, I had her and all of the other females spayed. Thank you for this poem and all of the others you’ve posted here. I visit everyday.


    1. You’re welcome Rebecca. It has been a real pleasure and I am enjoying meeting your cats. Thomasina sounds like a great mother. Thank you so much for inspiring me.


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