For You

man on mountain


Looking in the mirror

I took a good look at myself

Then I looked through to my inner self

And I asked myself “Do you have it in you?”

“Are you truly willing to do what it takes?”

Bowing my head, I began to think

No matter how far or where I have to go, I will

No matter what obstacle are in the way, I will go through them

No matter how long, I will have the patience

To be with you


There is no fire that burn as intensely as the fire in my heart

For you


Passion consumes me and turns me to ashes

Only to see me rise again, more passionate before

For you


My chest aches from the ferocity of this ever strong longing

For you


You are earth, moon, stars, and sun

I am but a man in love

With you


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20 thoughts on “For You

  1. Beautiful to read. Reminds me of the song “This is no ordinary Love” by Sade.
    I hope to do a duet with her some day. The song title “This is no ordinary Poet.”
    Thanks for shining your love in everyone’s heart. ツ

    Liked by 1 person

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