The Beast Sleeps Now

I challenged the masters

Stood up to their disasters

Both spiritual and natural

The battles became mythical not factual

No details found

The evidence not sound

Spread generation to generation

Truth or fabrication?

Only the defeated masters could say

They played a role in creating a legend that day

Of the one who stood tall

And fought for the freedom of all

The beast of oppression now asleep

The people no longer weep

Hearts are at peace

As it should be

photo credit:Β

Monster Armor Warrior Sword Snow Field Anime HD Wallpaper

10 thoughts on “The Beast Sleeps Now

      1. Yes I did but then I thought I was staying home from work but Alex had to go so I hurried and got ready so I was going to have a long coffee day! Maybe this weekend! I hope you are having a great day! πŸ˜€

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