What is eternity?

Is it sixty seconds worth of heartbeats?

Is it my heart on a ferris wheel without you?

Eternity is whatever time I have with you

Blue notes or the ones we can slow dance to

Thank you

Eternity is the thought that taps me on the shoulder

And says “She’s thinking of you too”

What is eternity?

Living in the now and for the day

Taking the sorrow and pain and handing it over to grace

Which is what I see in your heart, expressed on your face

And this is eternity

To me

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22 thoughts on “Eternity

    1. I take the gushing as an added bonus 🙂 My ego always remaining on the ground. Thank you so much, I truly appreciate it and I’m thankful to be here sharing and connecting with some really inspiring souls.

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  1. What beautiful whispers you have shared…
    your thoughts have such a wonderful calm within them
    Thank you
    Take Care…You Matter…

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  2. Wow Sylver!…. Mind blowing!!!… I liked these verses very much:
    Eternity is the thought that taps me on the shoulder
    And says “She’s thinking of you too”…
    BTW, I am inviting you to join a Poetry challenge called Non Love in More Than Ten Words . You can check it out on this post, after the mythology section Hugs and all my best wishes, Aquileana 😀

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    1. Thank you, Aqui! I read your poem earlier and said to myself “that’s my sis” Trying to think up some non love thoughts. Might be “heartbreak hotel” time.

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