God Sings A Song To His Chosen

Far across the sea, there lived a future queen to be. She had not met her future king, for he lived only in her dreams. Each night, she would look upon the moon and stars and the light of God would fill her heart. A word she did not need to utter, God knew her heart unlike any other. He would sing to her in the softest breeze, until she fell soundly asleep.

On the other side of the great sea, there lived a prince, destined to be a king. God loved his humbled qualities, and gave him favor in all good things. The prince was driven with desire to sail the sea, for he has seen the reflection of a beautiful princess in his dreams. Determined, so was he, that he began to build a boat, God providing him with all he needed.

God sang him a song

each day and night

of his journey

the reflection of the princess

became more vivid in his dreams

far off the coast

he could see a light

brighter than any he had ever seen

Weary and worn from his voyage, the prince continued to follow the light, never once letting his eyes lose sight of it.  The princess sat in the garden a book in her hands, I believe it was lovely verses of poetry, her heart enlivened with romance. In the distance, at first a little blurry, then the form of a young man appears. As he approaches closer, there doesn’t seem to be any fear. He looks at her in a peculiar way, for the moment he had not a word to say. Her eyes widen, as if she had seen him before, perhaps in her dreams, could this possibly be her future king?

Hesitantly, he began to tell her of his dreams, and how the light of her face reminded him of the princess, who would be become his future queen. She then told him of how God would sing her a song, about a prince who would travel from far across the sea, guided by the brightest of lights he had ever seen, and that this light would lead him to his future queen. They both would become speechless, as the spirit of the living God fell fresh on them.

And God spoke “I am the Lord, your God and I have found favor with you. Your humbleness in spirit and care and compassion for those of lesser stature, has moved my heart. It was I who put these dreams into your hearts and minds, the meaning of which, would be revealed in its time. Young prince, this is your future queen. Young princess, this is your future king. You will rule as one, over the kingdom I have chosen for you.” 

“What God has spoken, let not man undermine”

And they would rule 

forever and a day

the light and promise of God

never to fade

photo credit: pixshark.com

music credit: Tenth Avenue North “Times”


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