When I Hear The Somber Tones of Violins

Thank you for being a breath of fresh air

The cares of life can suffocate

They say, wearing your heart on your sleeve can lead

you to becoming a casualty

Life is short and I believe love is healing

Thank you my dear one, for everything

You share your light openly

Being you is the strength of your identity

When I hear the somber tones of violins

Your countenance reminds me of the hope that arrives with Spring

So, with heart on sleeve

I deliver these words to you

Love remains an open book

With so many pages to be filled

photo credit: xaxor.com 


7 thoughts on “When I Hear The Somber Tones of Violins

  1. You are a breath of fresh air. Fresh tones to my soul, so to say, my neural counterpoint.At least I reckon we could have a curry together one day and have a laugh. Then moments of utter normality may come along to sustain our humility.I’m quite into that these days.

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