Maze of Thoughts


Beautiful mind
A penny for your thoughts
Shall I meet you in your maze of thoughts
Put your head on my shoulder
And we will walk this trail of thoughts
Light precedes us, we will not get lost
We can make small talk along the way
The thoughts of the mind can be multi layered
The maze will twist and turn
There will be a few dead ends
But we will walk through this array of thoughts in your mind
Confident, all will be clear
And we will soon see that heart smile of yours again
I so love the shine from your beautiful mind


38 thoughts on “Maze of Thoughts

  1. I guess there was barelyl a poem which caught me like that one. Did you write it after our conversation. It is THE match. You just gave me amazing answers or at least signposts,Syl. My mind has cleared for sure and I am convinced it is big part your credit. Thank you! 🙂

    1. After our conversation, I was moved to write and this is was came to mind. It was like walking with a friend and just being there for support. I just knew you’d be get through. You’re welcome and thank you:)

  2. Me again 😉 I printed the poem. I am reading it again and again. It has such a calming and comforting effect. It is beautiful, Syl. You convey the important feeling of understanding and accepting. This feeling that empowers again and motivates to stand up and face life in looking forward and not back anymore. I wish I could hug you for this. Just feel hugged, Syl 😀

    1. Accept the words as yours. God’s grace in effect. We can’t do much about the road behind, but we can face the road ahead confident with hope and faith. Hug felt and appreciated 😀

      1. Although I know sometimes I get lost in the “why”. This makes me stuck. The more I read the words the more they felt lile written for me. Now reading this from you gives them a new meaning again. Thank you from my heart, Syl, for daring to enter my maze of thoughts and leading me out. 🌹

      2. Well I was really moved by your sharing how you were feeling. I appreciated that and this was my way attempting to give you a lift up in some way. Well worth the journey dear friend ♡

      3. And I was deeply moved reading this poem and sensing it could be meant for me. Experiencing such a lovely act of friendship made the dark cloud a blessing. Thank you from my heart, Syl! 💖

  3. Syl, I want to show you and the community what your gesture yesterday means to me and considered to reblog this post. But I changed my mind because reblogs are not read that much. I prepared a post in which I included your poem but linked both to your blog and to the poem. Please tell me if you give me permission to do so. I scheduled the post for Wednesday.

  4. Hey Syl, Erika shared with me your poem on my recent post to help me out. This is a beautiful poem, I love how it’s so comforting and soothing to read, I’m glad I got to read this! 🙂

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