10:55pm: You’re On The Air

“clearing my throat”

Closing my eyes

taking a deep breath

and opening my heart

quiet night, I’ve had plenty of those

but this quiet night is thick with thoughts of you

quite a number of times I have paused and sighed

that’s the “appreciating you” meter on high

no fly by night thoughts, I slowed them down

so I can drown in the images and sink deeper

saying that I miss you is an understatement

this is a night of endurance and I don’t mind

time is a snail and its pacing is suffocating

over all, things are as they should be

quiet nights are part of the package

they factor in greatly in strengthening the bond

in a few hours the sun will rise

and if the morning is quiet as well

I have an abundance of thoughts of you in reserve

~ photo credit: www.flickr.com

34 thoughts on “10:55pm: You’re On The Air

  1. Missing you
    is a precious treasure
    The intensity
    kind of measure
    It strengthens the connection
    It tightens the bond
    It shows that my love
    Shines from somewhere beyond
    To say that I miss you
    makes me happy and proud
    True love on high level
    that’s for you reaching out.

    This was so very inspring, Syl. It just blurted out of me… hope you don’t mind 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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