Leaning towards better endeavors

Leaving behind the hopeless not ever

My dreams use to fly under the radar

Now they are rising, so I reach far

Skyscrapering my thoughts, no towers of babble

Words already formulated, no need for scrabble

Feel an inspirational climate change coming

My spirit’s warming up and my soul is humming

No more wasting time with doubt and worry

God is in control, patience, no need to scurry

Light walks up on me like a best friend

Darkening the old, time for the new to begin

Leaning towards the new with a new heart

Formed from two parts, now I can start


photo credit: crossroads-photography.com







20 thoughts on “Leaning

  1. An amazing feeling when the old starts to fade away because the light of the new is so bright. Awesome words to describe the process. What a truth! All over great but the last two lines are giving the feeling of rebirth!

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