Monday Motivation: Pulling Weeds

“Don’t let the tall weeds cast a shadow on the beautiful flowers in your garden.”
Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free    

We all have went through experiences that have affected us in one way or another, good or bad. There are some experiences that leave a lasting influence on our character and behavior. There are feelings and emotions that have been suppressed for so long that they are forgotten about and then something triggers one of those feelings to rise up. Something we thought we may have gotten over or pass is back again and you’re left wondering “what is going on?”

Look at it as an opportunity to confront and deal with an issue that has troubled you and you didn’t face it before. Perhaps, it is rising like a weed in your internal garden and it is time to pull it out, roots and all and be done with it, so you can continue to move on, grow within and live your life. These internal weeds do not discriminate, we are all subject to internal struggles at times, but we have the choice to not stand there and allow the weeds to grow and grow.

You house a wonderful garden of character traits inside you.  The seeds were planted at the beginning of you and as you grew and continue to grow in this life, weeds develop and they can overshadow your inner beauty, your joy, your peace, or choke it out all together.  If something is troubling you or holding you down, then it is time to get the weed killer out and keep your internal garden weed free.


*quote: Steve Maraboli

*photo credit:

*video credit: Jon Jorgenson “What Are You Afraid Of?”

21 thoughts on “Monday Motivation: Pulling Weeds

  1. That is a fantastic metaphor with the weed and the flowers. The weed grows often unseen until it gets so big that it disturbs the view! And yes, that is the opportunity to finally grab it and pull it out. It might hurt but it is liberating at the same time…. and it leaves room for more flowers.
    I love the video too. What he said is exactly what I experienced 7 years ago when I realized that fear is simply an illusion I created in my head. Fantastic post!

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