Voice of The Dead

It was a typical day for me

Just going about the business of living

In an instant….

I was no longer….

I wonder why?

I will never know the answer

Can hate be that strong?

God is not a cold hearted assassin

Suicide bombers seeking paradise

Twisted heart and mind

I hear your prayers….but

Pray for the world to be healed

Of this evil virus


photo credit: indianexpress.com

Brussels suicide attack: A photo showing shattered window panes at the Brussels airport.

Thank you to Paul F. Lenzi for inspiring this poem. Check out his heartfelt post here:


17 thoughts on “Voice of The Dead

  1. This wasn’t God’s work. Yes, let’s send prayers and love to those who need it most: the ones who are responsible for this and other tragedies. Because when they are healed, the world is healed.

      1. Exactly, I agree completely! We can never win a war with fighting. We can always differ where it comes from. When something brings love than it carries God’s energy.

  2. Moving words syl. Once again we are seeing the brutal murder of innocents. I don’t have any words of love for these ruthless killers. In the end, I can only pray that good will prevail over evil.

  3. Beautiful words Syl sadly is a paradox since a wonderful moving poem is created out of a horrid tragedy as you I agree to seek love always and have it to prevail! Beautifully written ❤

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