Spring’s Song

Our roots have meshed

Clinging tighter as time passes

The stories we could tell

And will tell

Of how miracles poured from above

Watering the ground beneath our feet

Solidifying the trunk of our union

Oh my, how our branches have spread

Our leaves tingle with joy

God read us bedtime stories

As we slept during winter’s hope

Then blessed us with a perfect sun

Spring has come

Love never sleeps deeply

There are times it breathes ever so quietly

We awaken from a lullaby

To the sound of God’s voice

As He sings spring’s song

Our branches stretch towards heaven

And our roots interlock a little tighter

The stories we could tell

And will tell


photo credit:Β www.fotoblur.com

Under the Apple Tree by Rain de Lune


33 thoughts on “Spring’s Song

  1. I am amazed by the pictures you always paint with your words. This poem is most beautiful and each line has such a power but is light at the same time. I couldn’t be any prouder that you wrote a forward for my book!

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