When The End Comes

Knowing the end would come someday

We braced ourselves 

What a journey we had been on

The form and shape of life changing day by day

No spectres watching from the shadows 

In time, they simply let us be

We understand the task at hand and we have for the longest 

Surviving long days and emotional waves crashing against our ribs 

God is and has always been merciful 

Something we never took for granted or looked past

With this soul enriching gratitude 

Our focus turns towards a new journey 

We see the light rising on the horizon just across the fields

Taking each other by the hand, we step out of the end 

And step forward into a new beginning 

A new chapter, untitled 

Perhaps we will have one should forever ever end


photo credit: http://www.wall321.com


37 thoughts on “When The End Comes

  1. “… should forever ever end” What a wonderful ending to a poem which actually shows the beginning of something beautiful new that is meant to last. Like stepping out of the shadow together and walking towards the sun. So beautiful!

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