Slipping Through Time

Slipping through the concept of time

Looking to redefine the swinging pendulum

Deep breaths of patience cause me to gasp

“Cannot Wait” is a flag that I am waving, at least for now

In flight and riding out the turbulence

Thoughts constantly creating that picture perfect moment

Splashing cold water on my face

Only to wake up and face I’m in a strange place

Slipping out of time

Realizing that however fast or slow the day moves

When it passes and the next day comes

That picture perfect moment doesn’t look so far away





28 thoughts on “Slipping Through Time

  1. Great poem, I can feel your impatience! Being patient is hard when not known what might happen, but I guess even harder when you long so much for something and you know that it will happen but not know when. Sometimes it is harder than on other times but every day passing is one day closer for sure!

    1. Sometimes you have to take a deep breath and hang in there and keep on looking forward. Yes, exactly, each day that passes is a day closer! Thank you, Erika!

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