Raise Me Again

Psalm 42:1 – As the deer pants for streams of water,
    so my soul pants for you, my God.


As my soul continues to face the days boldly

Braving the changes that lead to greener pastures

Tire muscles and bones push on

Eyes on the One who knows all

The One who understands what the heart speaks in silence

My spirit thirsts as my soul finds refuge in You

Raise me again according to Your will

I will ask, I will seek and I will knock

Whatever opens

Whenever it opens

Your grace will be sufficient enough to carry me


photo credit: fineartamerica.com

Thirsty Deer In Lake Mcdonald Photograph by Bruce Gourley





25 thoughts on “Raise Me Again

      1. Love that little smilie face, wish I had one. Well, I have one but not a emo. so, big smile to you syl!!

  1. Very faithful words which definitely lead out of tiring situations into new realities. He is always by our side and with God all things are possible.
    (I loved Julia’s name for you… cool😀!)

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