Monday Motivation: Reboot 

Working on your computer or laptop and it starts slowing down or the screen freezes. You start tapping on keys  and clicking the mouse repeatedly. Then it starts bugging out from all those clicks. Finally you shut it down and reboot…

Such as it is with our own mind. We tend to overload it with so many tasks that we hit a point where we cannot even think straight. We forget something we wanted to do and as hard as we try, we just cannot recall it. In other situations we are striving towards a goal and everything seems to be on track and then obstacles come along and do their best to derail us. Doubt attempts to settle in and then you begin to question yourself..

Is it worth it?

Do I have time?

Can I really do this?

What if?

We work our minds into a frenzy trying to answer these questions and more, instead of focusing on what we want to achieve. Then, we start to lose the motivation to keep going. We let the obstacles become walls in our path. We start pressing different mental keys to get things going, clicking away mentally at thought after thought, hoping our mind will snap out of being out of focus and get back on track. You do not want to give up, so what do we do?

Time to reboot! Take a little time to free your mind from all the clutter, all those thoughts that are not helping but hindering  you, slowing you down. At the moment your goals and dreams come to you, it is up to you to exhaust all possibilities to reach them. Doubts are temporary road blocks designed to hold you up for a bit. Think of them as building blocks  to strengthen your resolve and keep you motivated.  it is up to you to not let them stop you completely. 

Reboot your mind from time to time if necessary. We process so many thoughts on a daily basis, we just want to make sure we are not overloading with so many unnecessary doubtful ones.

You can achieve what you set out to do! Believe it! Keep your mind all tuned up.

Video credit: Rethink Everything – Motivational video


27 thoughts on “Monday Motivation: Reboot 

  1. You are so much right Sylvester. I do often have problems with my internet, because it is shared with a lot of other people and does not always work as wished. Then I get confused, because it feels impossible to visit all my great blogging friends. Enjoy a beautiful day 🙂

  2. Very psychological and accurate, my friend. Extreme case-in-point: The heartbreaking unresponsiveness of children with autism was once believed to be caused by lack of stimulation to the brain. It has now been ascertained that the withdrawal is caused by overstimulation. When bombarded with overpowering energy and electric stimuli, the brain shuts down to protect itself. And we, supposedly “normal” people, are doing it to ourselves all the time, in conjunction with our loud, brassy, overbright, electronic world. Thanks for reminding all of us to slow down for clarity.

    1. Thank you, Deb! We have a tendency to get overloaded with so much and our minds can’t hold it all. Thank you for that wonderful case-in-point. When it comes to what is normal, who’s to say what that really is? Blessings, dear friend!

  3. This is outstanding, Sylvester! Outstanding!!! The analogy with the computer is so perfect. I experienced this over and over again until I finally stepped out of that machine thinking. I have more energy than before, accomplish more but not with that blind drive to prove something but with the joy for what I do! The video is fantastic. It was amazing to watch because it confirmed the attitude I gained 100%: Inspiration, development, excitement, accomplishment, progress, fulfillment is found at the edge of the comfort zone. And whatever dream we have, we have to make time for it because when we wait for the right time, we will wait forever! Amazing video! One of your best motivation posts, Syl! Huge compliment!

    1. Thank you and I appreciate your words. We have all been there, almost burning out mentally to figure out and solve everything. Sometimes we have to take that mental timeout and refresh our mind. You’re right, do what you do because you love to not because you feel you have to or to impress. Life is too short, got to get to the business of living today! Glad you liked the video, very inspiring!

      1. I can imagine that you speak from experience, because it is amazing how you described it all. I even reached the limit that my body refused to cooperate. Since I changed my life dramatically that never happened anymore! As you say, life is too short for not being lived! Yes, the video is very inspiring!

      2. Definitely speaking from experience.. Those mental overloads can cause you to withdraw from life and as you experience physically shutdown. We have to clear space to absorb the good things about life not just the routine daily grind. Thank you !

      3. Wow, very clearly stated!!! Right, like a dreamcatcher which only lets the good things through. We need to pause when we notice that we get the sandwich feeling and slipping out of the bread slices like a tomato. There is always some sauce around that helps.
        Awesome, Syl!

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