Sun Series: No Other

Hand over my heart

No other has put a fire there

Under a clear night sky

Closely looking at the stars

I Have not found one that gives as much light

In your eyes I find the meaning of life

In my eyes you are life

I am understanding this discovery each day

Hand over my heart

Words of love touch the air softly

Like an acoustic guitar

The best of who we are is to come

No promises, neither pledges or vows

Only love

You opened your heart’s door to me

And I can only love you

Like no other


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24 thoughts on “Sun Series: No Other

  1. This is so very beautiful. Words of getting lost withing each other’s light. Finding your world and live within the eyes of another soul. There is really nothing that can ever shine brighter than the light within the beloved one. That light that has exactly your color.

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