Sun Series: Seismic

Deeply impacting at the soul of all we know

Lifting the veil off our comfort zone

Exploring unknown territory

The old foundation crumbled away

Laying a new foundation together

Merged souls taking hold of our fate

Strongly embracing this seismic blessing

A heart to heart gift from God’s own heart

To our newly stitched together one heart

Love lifting us to something new

Out of the ruins of old


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8 thoughts on “Sun Series: Seismic

  1. Yes, leaving the comfort zone and the creation zone is entered. A wonderful place for two souls to build something new together. I love your sun series!

    1. That’s the only way to really experience life, leaving the comfort zone. If you’re blessed to share the experience then it’s all the more wonderful! Thank you!

      1. I would say being blessed with sharing the experience is one possible effect of leaving the comfort zone. We really have to pack our suitcases ….

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