Sun Series: The Gift of Forever

In you I have found forever

My mind begins to comprehend the meaning of days

My heart wraps around the thought of every day, beside you

Your happiness is the fruition of commitment

The bonding of us over time

Tending to one another’s hearts with great care

Your smile is an impressionist’s painting

Expressing the whole of what love was created to be

I have abandoned the definition of time

Appreciating this here and now that is called us

This is forever to me

And forever is so very much alive within you


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10 thoughts on “Sun Series: The Gift of Forever

  1. Another wonderful piece. True love is a bond from soul to soul. Feeling this is feeling eternity, is like feeling all that is in one moment. You keep my romantic heart dreaming with your series, Sylvester!

      1. In the end it is the only truth, because love is all there is. It is always a pleasure and I appreciate it to have this exchange of thoughts, Sylvester!

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