Monday Motivation: The Elements of Change 

“As my circumstances look at me, I do not let them define me” – Syl


Day by day as we go through our daily life, in some way we are changing the circumstances around us. It may not be noticeable, but our actions and energy shape and reshape our circumstances constantly.  If I want to change something in my life, I  begin to take actions that will bring about that change. The more energy I put behind my actions the more I begin to pull in the elements that will bring about the change I am seeking.

If I focus solely alone my circumstances, depending on the situation, It can be either encouraging or discouraging, but we shouldn’t focus on the circumstances alone. We  cannot ignore what is around us. We can use it to motivate us.  Let’s say you want a new job. You activate the elements of change by doing a job search and not only that but also by actively pursuing leads. When we activate the elements of change and participate in bringing about change ( not just standing still and doing a lot of wishful thinking) we begin to draw in options and openings towards us. From a spiritual standpoint, If I pray for a new job and believe that I will receive a new job, then God will begin to work towards preparing me, creating the new job and bringing us both together. It is a matter of believing, not what circumstances lead us to believe. As I stated, our daily actions are reshaping our circumstances.

To break barriers we have to break fear. To cross boundaries we have to step forward. To surpass our limits we have to believe there are not any.

Excuses add up to a stack of regrets and it gets to the point where you are closed in by them and you can barely see daylight. Have you ever wanted to something so strongly that you were wiling to move heaven and earth to get it? Think about why you wanted it and what was driving you to do it. This is how we should approach every situation, with that same passion, driving force and belief we will get things done. Once you activate the elements of change, you only need to participate in bringing about the change you seek or desire. It may not happen right away or as fast as you’d like but believe it will happen. Who knows? Maybe it will happen quicker… 

Once the elements of change are active, you never know and with God, all is possible.


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25 thoughts on “Monday Motivation: The Elements of Change 

  1. A beautifully inspiring and motivating text Syl. Opportunity does not always knock on the door, we must go out and find it. xx

  2. Oh I like this a lot. So true about breaking barriers and also breaking patterns of behavior for me. Some of the hardest things I know. This is wonderful! I think we see a shifted like slowly. Also, a lifetime of habits take a while to change but it’s possible. I’m living proof. Wonderful post. I was just thinking of you. I hope all is well with you. Wonderful encouragement Syl! 🙂

    1. All is possible and change doesn’t happen overnight but it can happen. As long as we have faith and believe, then it is a solid truth! All good here, hope you are doing well! 😊

      1. I agree it can change overnight. I’ve seen it happen with Alex lately. I’m believing for God to change her thinking. She just called me and said she was ready to move to the next step so that was quick. LOL 😀

      2. As long as you are believing God to make a change, then it is a matter of him doing it in his time! Glad Alex is get some spiritual nourishment..

  3. I agree that “…our actions and energy shape and reshape our circumstances constantly.”

    We forget all too easily that our thoughts and actions can affect our future outcomes. We attract what we want and don’t want. That is why it is important to focus on what we do want.

    Thank you! I enjoyed this post! : )

  4. Wow!!! Your Monday Motivations are getting better and better. It is amazing how the energy increases with every line. So much energy in your post! First of all, your quote in the beginning is fantastic and sums it all up! Your post feels so amazing to me because I can relate to every line. When we want something then collect all your passion and excitement about it and simply start walking! That way things are already starting to change, because you changed something in your attitude, your energy, but most of all in your life which affects a change in the circumstances automatically! When you go with those new changes more changes will happen and all gets into a new order because. As you said, it might not happen right away, but things are already in motion and it is only up to us to move on step by step! We all have a piece of God withing us and this spark carries the passion, the enthusiasm, and the belief in us and in what we do. When we are one with our goal, then we are one with us, and that again makes us one with God. An unstoppable team! Wow, you got me going, Syl!!! 😄
    Oh, the other quote is fantastic too!

    1. Thank you very much, Erika! Hopefully I have managed to spread some encouragement and inspiration with these posts. I appreciate your comments and support!

      1. This post is a boost of encouragement and motivation. I am convinced that you left something in everybody who read it. You would make a fantastic motivational speaker. What you say is profound and makes absolute sense. That is what empowers so much!

      1. Hitting another bump in the road with health issues, but such is my life. I just wish I wasn’t so busy with trying to finish a book while working on 4 other projects for clients. I took on a little too much this time, but hope to be feeling better soon.

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