We Have Always Been

“A generous heart is always open, always ready to receive our going and coming. In the midst of such love we need never fear abandonment. This is the most precious gift true love offers – the experience of knowing we always belong.”
bell hooks, All About Love: New Visions


Love unconditional

Before we appeared in presence

We knew of one another in our hearts

Just on the fringe of discovery

You were always there

More than vivid imagination

You were on the outer edges of the frame

Slowly making your way to the center of the painting

I was always there

More than the interpretations of your dreams

Jumping from star to star

Until I twinkled bright enough for you to see

Finding our way into each other’s presence

This gift which fills our hearts every day

Knowing we belong

Knowing we will always belong


photo credit: munaluchibridal.com 

Central Park True Love Waits Courtney Donnell Petronella Photography_22



15 thoughts on “We Have Always Been

  1. I think it is the most wonderful experience in life – or actually, it is THE experience about life – when we meet that one person and realize that we knew them all life long just waiting for them to appear. It is beautiful how poignant you wrote that. I love the analogy of the frame and the stars. Very beautiful, makes a lovely start into my Romantic Tuesday 😊

    1. Thank you!! Yes, it is THE experience to meet that one person that has an air of familiarity about them, as if you’ve met them before but quite remember where.

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