Did I?

Did I say it all?

Give my all?

Leave it all on the table? 

Did I give you moments to remember?

Give you a day to embrace close to your chest?

Sincerity is all that I know

Expressed as best as the heart can show

How fast the days come and go

Did I say it all?

Did I tell you thank you?




25 thoughts on “Did I?

  1. Who doesn’t ask such questions at times, right? Too often we are left pondering. But if we are asking them early enough there might be a “yes” behind them. Because then we look at our relationships with so much more awareness. Very thought-provoking, Syl!

      1. So very true, Syl! Let’s give our love every day and there are no regrets. If there is a tomorrow we can do it again and again and life will be more beautiful and brighter with each day!

  2. Inner reflections that fit rather well in the kindness challenge I’m doing 🙃

    Linked to your blog via Twitter….but now I’m here and you are a fellow blogger and wordsmith,I hope you don’t mind another follower 😊

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