Romantic Tuesday: The Invitation 

Beach and sand

Hand in hand 

Walking along, midday sun

Then suddenly 

Down to one knee

He looks up at his lovely one

“I am neither rich or poor”

“But there is one thing I am sure”

“I will love you for all life long”

Her tears came down

In them he drowned

Both overwhelmed by love so strong 

A resounding yes and a kiss

Two hearts filled with bliss

An invitation to create a world of their own





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29 thoughts on “Romantic Tuesday: The Invitation 

  1. Sylvester, this is the most beautiful entry to join Romantic Tuesday. I am absolutely speechless…. So poignant and moving and the picture is amazing to go with. I also love the way you are rhyming. Thank you so much for participating and bringing more love into Tuesdays!
    Dorinda, thank you for inviting Syl to join in!!!!

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