4 Line Stories: The Greatest 

The thilla in Manila 

The rumble in the jungle 

Butterfly and bee

Champion, always 


photo credit: comic one.gamespot.com 


17 thoughts on “4 Line Stories: The Greatest 

  1. I love this Syl. As a kid I was (actually I still am) a huge boxing fan. My Dad would wake me at midnight to watch the fights they came on late! I was too young to appreciate the last live fight of Ali, but think he was “the greatest” and a fine example of a life well lived. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Holly! He fought the best in his class and was greater that the sport itself. A good ambassador for humanity. Appreciate it!

  2. Great poem. I was just telling someone else today, I remember as a kid listening with my dad to his early fights on our large radio. Those fights were when he was still known as C.C. We delighted in this brash youth, the one that floated like a butterfly and stung like a bee: the dancer in the ring; The Greatest.

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