Monday Motivation: Digging Deeper 

Life is going along at a steady pace. You are on course, headed towards completing a goal or task. All of a sudden you feel like you hit a brick wall or you’ve just run into a roadblock!  We have all had moments or days where it feels like we do not have the energy to move forward. Either we reach the comfort zone or the journey seems so long that you feel gassed and you are running on empty. Despite this feeling, we need to keep moving and it doesn’t have to be at warp speed.

When those moments hit when we feel tapped out, we need to dig deep and tap into our reservoir of inner energy. Daily life alone can be draining, trying to manage our routine and the unexpected. The journey to goals we have set can be very taxing and we know in order to reach them we must endure. It is alright to give yourself a break and not burnout trying to be all and do all. The most important thing is to stay in motion. 

Not feeling inspired? Step back and look at the whole of what you are doing and why? Have you gotten away from why you started in the first place? In whatever we are doing, we know changes will come as we grow within. Our perspective may change and perhaps our methods, just as long as our underlying purpose does not change. This is how we dig deeper,  reinspiring ourselves by remembering why we set goals, why we put ourselves through the daily grind and understand that there will be up and downs along the way. When you feel like giving up, give up on that thought, dig deeper and keep going!

“When discouragement comes, don’t stop. Dig deep and fight it through!” – T.B. Joshua

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22 thoughts on “Monday Motivation: Digging Deeper 

  1. Awesome, Syl! Again very encouraging. The bigger our plans are, the more certain it can happen that we are reaching a point where we are in an idling cycle. Then we must remember what we are doing it for. Perhaps take a break but never doubt ourselves. Some things need time and are also depending on other people. Fantastic post!

    1. Thank you very much! Sometimes when things are not moving as quick as we want or think they should, it can be weary on the mind and spirit. We just have to hang in there!

      1. You that you are talking to Mrs. Impatience in person… lol! It can be a challenge. But only because we are called to be patient doesn’t mean that we lose the grip. Sometimes it gets even stronger!

      2. Patience causes us to appreciate each goal or dream even more, because of the path taken to arrive their. Mrs. Impatience…lol

      3. Yes, that is right, once reached it is appreciated even more. Some may lose hope from impatience but I guess for most impatience is the strong passion and knowing about something to be! Hehe!

  2. Thank you for the encouragement, Syl! It is easy to try to do so much at once and feel like you have nothing more to give. I appreciate your advice about re-evaluating why you are doing something.

    1. You’re welcome and thank you for your words. Sometimes we can overwhelm ourselves either trying to do too much or thinking things are not happening fast enough.

      1. Yes. I do this often! I accomplish a goal and then after one minute of being proud. The moment vanishes and I feel like it wasn’t enough and that I need to do more. Digging deeper…

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