Monday Motivation: Leaving The Nest 

“God gives every bird his worm but he does not throw it in the nest.” – P D James


We are born and raised, educated and given the tools to live life.  We reach a certain age and we strike out on our own to explore and experience life. We leave the nest for the first time.

As we go through life, we get a job, meet people, experience meaningful relationships, possibly start a family of our own and we try and do our best to live as fully as what we believe life is to us individually.  We become settled in the nest we built on our own away from our parents. How did we build this nest? Did we wait for everything to be handed to us or did we have to fly about and find the materials to build our nest?

We have the physical nest, the house or apartment we live. Then there is the mental nest, where our thoughts live and where we make the decisions that affect our life experiences. In order to experience life outside the home we have to leave the house and see what is outside. In order to have fulfilling life experiences we have to leave the comforts of our mental nest where those “settled for” thoughts keep you stationary.  If you are happy where you are in life, that is perfectly fine. Everyone’s happiness is based on a variety of reasons. Now, if you are not happy with where you are in life, you do not have to settle for being unhappy and going through the motions of life stuck in your nest.

When we want to have change in our lives, we have to get up, leave the nest and do those things that bring about the change we hope for. The change we want will not come knocking on the door, we have to go knocking on the door of change until it answers. The nest of the mind may give you comforting and secure cautious thoughts but we have to be able to overcome the fears of leaving the nest in order to make a change in our life, if we desire change.  Again, if you are happy and  feel as though you are living a fulfilling life, then continue on and stay blessed.

Negative thoughts can keep you permanently grounded, sitting and waiting, afraid to leave your nest. Whatever goals, dreams and or changes you hope for, need for you to take that first step out and spread those wings. They only grow stronger the more you use them. 


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6 thoughts on “Monday Motivation: Leaving The Nest 

  1. That is what I call a motivational post! Yes, we need to make that step or no step will ever happen. If we want a change, we need to change something. Even when things change around us, we need to change something too or everything will get back into its old pattern. We are the change we want to experience!

    1. We will always become aware of when we need to take a step and when we need to be still. When we stay focused we will notice the change around and within. Thank you for your words!

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