In Him, I Stand 

Against the mightiest of waves

Though they may howl and roar

God is a fortress, a shielding force

In Him, I stand

Not as the bravest or most courageous

But as a trusting soul

God is the rock that can never be broken

He calms the mighty waves

And tells them to be to silent

This is the peace that He brings when troubles are at their peak

No wave is mightier 

In His might you can stand


13 thoughts on “In Him, I Stand 

  1. The powerful peace (even when that sounds opposing) which comes through your words and lines and that stunning picture are amazing and go so fantastically along with each other. Yes, the power doesn’t lie in being the bravest warrior but a faithful soul that finds the strength within where God left a spark of Himself for us to be connected with him always!

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