The Eleventh Maiden

Ten maidens

One as beautiful as the next

Jewels in the eyes of the King 

A man would consider himself fortunate 

To take hold of hand and heart of any of the ten

The King would give a great fortune to any man that would give them happiness 

Just outside the garden, there one maiden stood

She did not see herself as beautiful as the rest 

So off and alone she stood, such a gentle soul 

The King loved them all equally, none more than another

His greatest hope was that she would see, how so much beauty shined within her

The days would come and one by one, each maiden would marry and leave

Until there was one 

And then one day she met the strangest of fellows 
His garments were not that of a prince or any other hierarchy 

His ways, his gestures and his way of speaking, made her laugh and smile

He would come to visit her in the garden each day, he soon fell in love with her wonderful ways

They both were taken  by love’s sweeping flow and for one another their hearts would glow 

The King was overjoyed at his daughter’s happiness as she shined brighter than ever before 

As he was about to give a great fortune to the one who brought his daughter such joy

The young man turned it down, leaving the King a bit surprised 

The young man asked the King for the hand of his daughter 

Not for riches, fortune or status 

He asked  because of the most genuine love he saw inside of her

Such beauty shining within 

And plus she had the most wonderful laugh and it filled his soul with joy

The King was in tears as this young man caused him to remember meeting his queen

The days of their courtship and the love they discovered together 

The King gave his blessing 

And his daughter, the eleventh maiden was married

Yet they chose not to leave

They made a home just outside the garden she loved

The garden of many memories 

The garden where they discovered love

To him, she was the crowning jewel to all that life held

After all, what more could a prince in disguise hope for


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