Monday Motivation: Do Not Forget You

You are born with gifts and abilities. Some of us discover our gifts and some never do. In the pursuit of living life we face challenges, questions, self induced doubts and discouragement from outside sources. The most important thing is that we never give up on ourselves and do what it takes to carry on.

If the whole world forgets you, is that more disheartening than you forgetting who you are?


video credit: Remember What You Are 


16 thoughts on “Monday Motivation: Do Not Forget You

  1. Celebrate what He gave you, I can totally relate to that. We all have gifts. Some bigger than others, but all equally important to the world. ๐Ÿ˜Š

  2. Very motivational, Sylvester, and great video too! Yes! You are what you think – what YOU think. Not what the world thinks! We create ourselves from what we believe about ourselves. If we believe what others say is again up to the individual. Have a great Monday!

      1. I is so true and in some way it goes well along with my post. We need to let our light shine!!! It is not only important for ourselves but for everyone!

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