#Romantic Tuesday: I Can Only Marvel

I remember the first time you took my breath away

and in a moment, gave it back

for all the number of times that I have seen you

you have worn beauty in your own special way

but for some reason today, words are tongue tied

I can only marvel at how beautiful you are

love is active again

taking me to the fringe of an altered state

and as we tighten our clasp hands

I navigate this realm of love with a thankful heart

aware that when love is true

it hits you hard and direct

the effect is above the imagination

now look at what you have gone and done

you’ve taken my breath away again

thank you

it is one of the most wonderful feelings I have experienced

gosh, you wear beautiful, so very well


photo credit:Β www.34studio.comΒ 

33 thoughts on “#Romantic Tuesday: I Can Only Marvel

  1. OMG,if romance needs a new name it should have the title of this poem. How can amazement about the being of another person be expressed better? I am amazed at how you are able to find words for things that actually make us running out of words. I go with Ritu, that last line is just awesome!

      1. I can relate to that very well, Sylvester! That special light that One radiates makes you see everything in different colors. It can even change your life… one single person. Amazing!

  2. Hi my friend. I wanted to visit and read your beautiful words. Still the romantic writer. It’s nice to see you are still dreaming dreams and writing them so beautifully. Be blessed. MM

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