Warmest Embrace

Success, Accomplishment, Achievement, Achieve

Before the day fades

Cataloged under yesterday’s memories

Regardless of how everyone else treated you

Were you good to you today?

Interacting with a sea of faces

Some were kind enough to let the smiles release

Courteous greetings

Can’t expect all of our species to be friendly

More importantly though is were you friendly to you?

Embrace your soul

Let it feel the warmth of you

You need to love you some you

A multitude of hearts loving you won’t do any good

If you are not loving you too

That’s the warmest embrace to feel


photo courtesy of pixabay.com


5 thoughts on “Warmest Embrace

  1. Wonderful, Syl! Before we are not able to love ourselves we are making us dependent on the love of others and that will define our days. The more we can embrace ourselves the warmer the embrace of others feel too.

  2. I like the whole message here and self love so crucial – but your first two lines are potent – I read that opening twice – and will again – you captured time in a special way – on how the day ends and we move on and file – to what now becomes yesterday – and like it or not – – each day fades –
    I know there is more here – but that was my fav (and cool photo selected to go with it- )

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