#Romantic Tuesday: Crossing Paths

It feels like yesterday

Our paths crossed

We did not keep on walking

We stayed

We wore a stranger’s face

But felt a trace of something familiar

We stayed

Small chats evolved

Longer conversations took over the days

The stranger’s face we wore slowly faded away

Everyday brought a familiar face

Wouldn’t trade our crossing paths for anything

This was the beginning of wealthy days

The richness in knowing you

Call it life, take two

And now you are adorned with a celestial glow

Today, I love you more than I could possibly comprehend

More than I will ever know


photo credit: www.weddingclub.com.au

Knot Sponsor Gallery: Dreamlife Photography


28 thoughts on “#Romantic Tuesday: Crossing Paths

  1. What a beautiful poem about two souls that seemed to be destined to meet. The heart knows and connects long before the mind understands and notices. That’s the magic of love. So beautiful 😊

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