#Romantic Tuesday: Without Costume Or Cape

You are a woman of wonder

With the most amazing ways

Although I am just an ordinary guy

You find me super and I am mighty thankful to be

Around the world in a blink of an eye

Traveling the universe in leaps and bounds

Adventurous in each moment shared

We answered love’s dare

Without costume or cape

We reversed the tide of an inconspicuous life

With one another we identified

The power of love forging us a new identity


No matter where we are on this planet daily

There is no distance we cannot overcome

Love travels faster than the speed of light

Touching that part of the heart that only we know

I believe, we are both super

In one another’s eyes


photo credit: Christopher Reeve and Margot Kidder from the 1978 motion picture “Superman”

video credit: The flying sequence from the 1978 motion picture “Superman” 

25 thoughts on “#Romantic Tuesday: Without Costume Or Cape

  1. Love makes us fly and makes us see the wonders in the other person. You conveyed that most wonderful in your poem. I love that line “Love travels faster than the speed of light”, So true, love cannot be held on a place needs to be traveled. Love is where the heart is. The video and what she says is so beautiful too. A wonder post, Syl!

      1. That so true and the analgoy is amazing. Like superman power, love’s power is not bound to any place… only to a loving heart, wherever it is!

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