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Rock Ballad of The Week: Chicago “Beginnings”


When I’m with you,
It doesn’t matter where we are,
To what we’re doing,
I’m with you that’s all that matters

Time passes much too quickly
When we’re together laughing
I wish I could sing it to you. whoa-oh
Wish I could sing it to you

Mostly I’m silent
Try and think of the right words to say

When I kiss you,
I feel a thousand different feelings,
A cover of chills
All over my body.
And when I feel them,
I quickly try to decide which one
I should try to put into words, woah-oh
Try to put into words

Mostly I’m silent

Only the beginning
Of what I want to feel forever
Yes, only the beginning
Only just the start
I’ve got to get you into my life, mama
Got to get you next to me
Yes, only the beginning,
Only just the start
Oh, all right

Written by Robert Lamm • Copyright © Peermusic Publishing, Warner/Chappell Music, Inc, Universal Music Publishing Group

Beginnings” is a song written by Robert Lamm for the rock band The Chicago Transit Authority and recorded for their debut album The Chicago Transit Authority, released in 1969. Lamm also provided lead vocals. The song was the band’s second single (after “Questions 67 and 68“), but failed to chart on its initial release.

After the band’s success with subsequent singles, “Beginnings” was re-released in June 1971, backed with “Colour My World“. Both sides became U.S. radio hits, and the combined single climbed to number seven on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 singles chart. “Beginnings” reached number one on the U.S. Easy Listening chart.[1]

The distinctive acoustic guitar was originally played by Chicago’s guitarist Terry Kath. In concert, Lamm has played guitar for the song, though he is primarily known as the group’s keyboard player.

The uncut album version clocked in at 7:54. The original single version was cut to just under three minutes, leaving only a fraction of the climactic second half. A later edit of just over six minutes for subsequent compilation albums restores much of the second half. Two notable exceptions are the compilations Chicago IX: Chicago’s Greatest Hits and The Heart of Chicago 1967-1997, both of which feature the original full-length version of the tune.


source: wikipedia


Author: syl65

martial arts films, music, poetry, and hockey. this is just a little of who I am. Spirit of the Living God, alive inside of me. Never stop dreaming....

13 thoughts on “Rock Ballad of The Week: Chicago “Beginnings”

  1. Impeccable choice, as always.

  2. That song radiates so much excitement just about the feeling of love and all the unknown emotions, feelings, and thoughts that come with it. Thank you for sharing, Sylvester!

  3. Oh yeah, haven’t heard this one in years! Never realized it was such a long song! Maybe that’s why it didn’t chart at first.

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