Light saturates the atmosphere 

The darkness quietly walks away

Hope adorns itself in yellow

In my spirit it is dawn

Lassoing in my thoughts 

Before they stampede through the day

The day being a wide open territory 

Whatever is

Will be

Whatever I can

Will do

Saturated in light 

My spirit glows yellow 

Hope fully abounds


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9 thoughts on “Saturated 

  1. I agree with Richard, those first three lines had me in goosebumps and tears!!! I picture the essence of God (or whatever you want to call it/him/her, etc.) as being an amber glow that infusing all of creation. I picture it moving in and out of my body with my breath and flowing everywhere in all of creation so your lines about the light saturation, the darkness walking away and hope adorning itself in yellow just blew me away!!! thank you for making my day and beyond, so beautiful! Namaste Michelle

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