#Romantic Tuesday: Order For One

I pretend to not notice the empty chair

How alive the world was when you sat there

My eyes have been shaded 

The color almost gone

If this is what missing you feels like, then take it away

But I will handle the heart tremors, it’s part of loving you

Thundering outside, matches the thundering in my soul

A gaping hole without you around 

Listening to song after song to fill the space

Caught myself standing in place

The circumference of missing you

No matter which way I turn, the silence clutches me stronger 

Each time I sigh, the breath is a little longer

Just like the day, life seems absent without you

Favorite photo in hand, thinking of your hands 

And the last clasp before our fingers let loose

So I sit at the table, the waiter comes

For now it’s just an order for one


photo courtesy of pixabay.com


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