Monday Motivation: Mind Games

I’ve been watching the olympics when I have had the chance. Athletes from all across the globe, representing their country and showcasing their abilities and skills. 

It takes a lot of mental as well as physical preparation to compete at such a high level consistently. There were gold, silver and bronze medal finalists. I don’t believe there were any losers, with the exception of those that showed poor judgment and bad sportsmanship. 

Throughout the games and throughout life, the mind is consumed with so many thoughts. Questioning ourselves, seeking confidence, reassurance, doubt, fear and so many more micro thoughts. We do our best to process them all and keep our mind at a steady and smooth operating level. It can be a task with so many different influences and distractions around us.

Just like Olympic athletes focusing in on their goal of competing at their highest level, we have to find ways of focusing our minds to live at our highest level . We don’t want to psyche ourselves out of achieving our goals. It isn’t about how great the achievements are or how small. It is about you not allowing the negative influences and thoughts throw you off track from what you are hoping to achieve.

You do not have to be an Olympian to participate in life, especially your own. Stay inspired!


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23 thoughts on “Monday Motivation: Mind Games

  1. Oh, that is so true. The outer influence is a big test to stay focused on ourselves and our path. But no matter what medal we might reach in this physical world, it is about the Olympic thought: It’s the taking part that counts

      1. The pre-condition for a fulfilled and also the main ingredient for success. If we don’t participate in our life we cannot support others in their lives!

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