Monday Motivation: Create Your Day

Another day is here, that means another opportunity to do something you enjoy doing. We have our routines and lists, but we also have our desires, dreams and hopes. Treat yourself to something wonderful today. Do something for you that will boost your spirit. You are not being egotistical or selfish. You are just taking time to nurture your inner being.

It doesn’t have to be mind blowing, but then again, if it is something that energizes you and gives you that sustained joy to carry through your day, then go for it.

Another day is here. Be good to yourself and create a wonderful day! Stay inspired!


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20 thoughts on “Monday Motivation: Create Your Day

  1. A great piece of advice Brother! I’m savouring the last Monday of the summer holidays by leisurely getting up, eating good (healthy!) food, a (stationary) bike ride and reading…
    Simple bliss! 😁 have a great day Brother!

    1. Thank you Sister! I’m glad you’re enjoying a blissful day and treating yourself to something good! Have a continued great day Sister!! 😊

  2. Wonderful and empowering post, Sylvester! Little things can already bring so much light into our day. You know what? I go and make myself a coffee now… just to give me a little treat! Let’s make this the best day ever…. and tomorrow again…. 😊

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