Romantic Tuesday: Reel To Reel

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Opening credits roll

Leading to the opening scene

Man meets woman

Something inside their hearts turn

Cogs and mechanisms that had been still

Begin to move again

They are thrilled with this new feeling

The fragments of their dreams start to attach

Frame to frame their dreams become one

Their lives are filled with romance, comedy, action and drama

Experiencing life’s ever changing scenes

This is take two, the two of us

Our love story, director’s cut 

We live it out reel to reel

Until the last frame is projected 

A still shot, you and I embraced

Closing credits 

Love is forever 


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24 thoughts on “Romantic Tuesday: Reel To Reel

  1. I love that: reel to reel! What a beautiful movie that must be when the actors step out of their dreams and realize it is all real. Thank you for that wonderful take on Romantic Tuesday, Sylvester!

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