Stolen Memories 

There were times when I could remember you so clearly 

Now I’m left with bits and pieces

I try to place them together so I can see you 

Remember you totally 

They take us to The Room and slowly steal our memories 

Leaving us as functioning shells 

The last time they were taking me to The Room

I broke free from the guards  and ran

I ran as fast and hard as I could

I could hear radio chatter from walkie talkies in the background 

And the sound of weapons firing

All I could think of were the memories of you I managed to retain

I continued running for what seemed an eternity 

The noise behind was now silent

And my steps no longer felt the pounding of the ground beneath

The heaviness of my pounding heart was now weightless

Everything in front of me seem to disappear 

There was only white as if all had been stripped away 

And I began to see you more clearly than I had in a while

I ran harder towards you

You were in full splendor, beautiful as the last time I saw you

The last time they took you to The Room

My heart says we are finally together again

But my mind….

It’s trying to hold the memories of you together 

And believe that I am not in that chair having my memories stolen

I run, hoping you won’t fade away before I reach you


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