Celestial Kiss

Raising the mind

A gentle brush with the sky

Ascending to unlimited heights 

Beyond the rays of sunlight 

Vanishing within a celestial kiss 

My thoughts are a hovering mist 

Reinvigorating the humbled soul 

Divine affection, truth be told 

Behind the scenes of human affairs

I sojourn daily up faith’s stairs

Each step my heart opens more

Each visit my scars heal more

Presence of God truly visible 

Spirit of old, close to invisible 


photo courtesy of pixabay.com


21 thoughts on “Celestial Kiss

  1. Another most inspiring piece, Sylvester. Stepping above earthly daily life and reconnecting consciously with the source or actually, the source within is the most healing and energizing way to recover and to recharge. But also to realize again, that what we think is real life is only an episode on our journey to awareness.

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