Fifteen Years 

Fifteen years younger 

Lightning struck twice

My eyes glued to the screen 

Not understanding anything 

Smoke and fire from the towers

Burning for hours 

People failing 

Not movie fiction

Desperation and panic

Onlookers in disbelief 

America’s clock stopped 

Silent streets 

Lives lost 

Survivors lost within

Devilish acts

Heinous minds

So much confusion 

Fifteen years older

I remember that day

Probably will never forget 


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11 thoughts on “Fifteen Years 

  1. I heard it on the radio and rushed home…. when I saw the second tower falling I couldn’t believe it was rea! Two years before (almost exactly on that date) I was up there with my middle child who was 3 months old. We ordered enlargements of the picture we took from up there and received them…. 9/11/01!

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