Monday Motivation: No Stopping You 

If I quit today, I am going to have a heck of headache regretting giving up. If there is something you want to do, then keep working for it. Fight, scratch, claw, crawl, walk, run or whatever need to do. Just do not quit on yourself!

Fuel your hopes and dreams constantly. Fuel your inner being constantly. Give yourself a chance with what you want in your life. 

No matter what… Don’t Quit!


Video credit: Fearless Motivation “Never Quit


20 thoughts on “Monday Motivation: No Stopping You 

  1. God, Syl, such a power and most motivating! I am still filled with the video and your encouraging words. Never ever quit!!! Why are we facing challenges? In order to overcome…. not to give in. Life is development. When we stop going with the winner… we stop living!

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