You Are Always Love


I want more of what you have to give, God

A total makeover of spirit and soul

Undoing the wallpaper before my eyes

Revealing a picturesque new life

Mending my broken trails one by one

A now solid road I walk on

Enjoying the scent of the rose more

And feeling less the prick of its thorns

You know before I utter a word

Understanding the yearning in my spirit

I give you my all

Free falling into your love

A baptism

You are always You

You are always love


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24 thoughts on “You Are Always Love

  1. With faith in the heart, the journey appears less painful and it opens the eyes to the beautiful stations within the journey which again strengthens and definitely gives more of the power of the creator who provides this beauty for the faithful eye. God, what a sentence… lol!

      1. It’s so very true syl, your writing has reached such a high level of creativity and beauty, it is a joy to read your words.

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