Monday Motivation: A Little Internal House Cleaning 

Feeling that feeling again? You know, feelings you thought you were over and they were gone, long gone. All of a sudden they are back and buzzing inside you like a flash mob of angry bees. You start to recall why you felt that way and begin to be hard on yourself for feeling these feelings again.

I’ll be darn, you are human. 

Time for a little internal housecleaning. If you are not in that situation anymore, look at where you are now. Have you progressed for the better? Are you still toiling in what could have been? Are you allowing yourself to be free from the past? Time to pick up the broom and dust pan and sweep up some left over debris from past disappointments, hurts, mistakes, etc.

There are feelings and emotions we have buried deep instead of letting go. It takes the slightest incident to bring them back to the surface and cause us to linger in them. Recognizing we cannot change the past is one step. Learning from and not repeating past mishaps is another step. I have been there, so I would not b.s. you. Learn to give yourself a break and not be so hard on yourself (why did or didn’t I do such and such?). If this were a perfect life and perfect world, we would never grow within, only participate in well constructed puppet show.

A little internal cleaning is necessary now and then. Sort of like preventive maintenance. Above all, stay inspired!


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11 thoughts on “Monday Motivation: A Little Internal House Cleaning 

  1. Oh, yes, those things we thought we were over and a little instant may open a can of worms. There may only be a little aspect left but it can even make us doubt all the work we already did. Those moments are the opportunity to look at it again, pull it out, and at least let another piece of it go!

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