#RomanticTuesday ~ Interwoven 

Hardly noticeable at the beginning 

The way we thought alike 

Not in the same vicinity of thought 

But the exact same thoughts 

We laughed at first and thought it to be cute 

Those campfire fables you hear about true love

Time would pass and we found ourselves astounded 

An almost psychic connection was forming 

Love is a mystery 

A mystery as big as the heart can comprehend 

I’ve heard it been said that when love chooses two who are meant to be

Everything about them, down to the very essence of the soul.. become interwoven 

Love is a mystery 

Adjoining two and solidifying them as one

My, how our one heart has grown 

Beautiful are the thoughts that we think 

No matter where or when, we seemed to be linked 

Distance lost its relevance in the blink of an eye

We are closer than ever and still magnetically drawn

In each and every new day we are more and more One

Interwoven by love 

The strands of our souls

Never again to be pulled apart


photo courtesy of pixabay.com


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