Borrowing Time

 Borrowing time

Trying not to look too far

Curious cat instinct 

God asks to wait on Him

He has been where I am going

And guiding me there

But there are times I look ahead 

The light of believing draws my attention 

It is not a matter of how or where

It is all about when 

So I look into time with faith in my heart

Blinding my eyes and mind to doubts 

Life holds a clearer vision 

One that I dwell not on for too long

Giving today my attention 

Appreciating God being with me 

Every step of this journey 


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5 thoughts on “Borrowing Time

  1. Oh, this looking ahead. It can be the greatest test of our patience when we see so much in the future but still don’t know the when. Remaining in faith that all will work out at just the right time is the rock we can hold on. Fantastic poem, Syl!

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