Monday Motivation: You Think You’re Not Special, Think Again!

We all have a purpose, a reason for being here. Each stroke from an artist’s brush creates the finished work of art. Each stroke being just as important as the previous one. This world is filled with so many different personalities and characters. Lots of gifted and talented people, not just celebrities and athletes.

We all give something to this life, our very own special gift.  It could be our sense of humor,  our positive outlook (without being annoying), our encouraging attitude and countless other gifts. What we do affects life in some way and not just our own. We may not even notice the affect we have on the world.  We can be inspirers just by showing up to life.

Welcome each day as an opportunity to share your gifts to the world. Even if it is your smile (S/O). In our personal and professional lives, we impact the environment around us.  The best that we can do is be our best self possible, the one we present to the world everyday.  Whatever your gift might be, do not let it go to waste thinking there is nothing special about you.  There is something special about us all. You are a part of this work of art called life.

Stay inspired!


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30 thoughts on “Monday Motivation: You Think You’re Not Special, Think Again!

  1. Awesome, Sylvester! Yes, we all have and are gifts to the world. Let’s share each and every day for our own sake and for the sake of everyone! Thank you for sharing the gift you are!

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