Romantic Tuesday: The Sweetest Aroma

Here we stand 

Face to face

Your eyes locked on my

My eyes locked on yours

Are we dreaming?

For so long this day has been a dream 

The truth sets in as we begin a new reality 

Surrounded by love in the form of our family 

Sweetens the aroma of the day

Taking each other by the hand becomes symbolic of the love we share 

Without words recited, we know it is forever 

One day at a time we’ll live forever 

Remembering the scent of the bouquet 

The scent of your perfume and my cologne 

The aroma of love accentuating the day

Like it has since we found common ground together 

That was on day one

On this day, we break new ground together 

The aroma of love ushering in the days of oneness

Facing whatever comes as one

In all ways 

In all things


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18 thoughts on “Romantic Tuesday: The Sweetest Aroma

  1. The moment, when the picture of a long dreamed dream is finally becoming reality it will be cherished forever! You found a wonderful way to express this. A beautiful Tuesday poem!

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